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"Time to die, toad!" — Unknown

After Terrence and Dead of Night 2: Carrots in the Wind, RBM's next December film was Juice Murderer 3. Not only was this the 3rd entry in the series (following The Juice Murderer and Juice Murderer 2), but it was also the finale to the long running Juice Murderer Origin Series.


Juice Murderer 3 is set during mayoral candidate Finnius W. Chinn's (Finn the Chin's) fundraising party. At this party, several notible members of the community were invited. These include news reporters Biff Griffson, Griff Briffson, and Gerally Manberry. Local celebrity wrestlers Ramses the Beast and Ramses the Beast, corrupt state senator Dennis Blanford, local actors Schmidt and Harvest, and CEO of Ramisin Kenisin (the world's leading air vent manufacturer), Brent Kensworth Hiatus Montgomerus III Randolphus Ontario Burton Remus Ye'Harris Hernanriguez Dimitrius Cuisine were invited.

The film opens with a Finnius W. Chinn checking his mail before being chased and killed by the Juice Murderer.

The movie transitions to the heart of the party. Multiple characters are introduced in this scene. Dennis Blandford is introduced as a very wealthy pothead. Schmidt is introduced as a more reserved and serious character. Dennis and Schmidt are interrupted by Ramses the Beast who they view as unworthy of such a name. Immediately after Ramses leaves the room another man enters and introduces himself as Ramses the Beast to which Dennis and Schmidt respond with agreement. Finally the character with the longest name in RBM history is introduced. A man named Brent Kensworth Hiatus Montgomerus III Randolphus Ontario Burton Remus Ye'Harris Hernanriguez Dimitrius Cuisine simply introduces himself as "Ramisin Kenisim" and "Air Vents," demonstrating the confused state this character lives his life in.

Moments later it's revealed that the Juice Murderer is in the house where the party is taking place. He rises up from behind a statue and murders Brent Kensworth Hiatus Montgomerus III Randolphus Ontario Burton Remus Ye'Harris Hernanriguez Dimitrius Cuisine.

The next scene details a murder unrelated to the Juice Murderer. The two Ramses the Beasts from the earlier scene meet with each other. They find that their fathers are both named Ramsias and are enraged by this fact as well as the fact that they share a name. The two engage in a battle to the death with the second Ramses the Beast ultimately prevailing and taking on the new moniker, Super Galaxy Ramses the Ultimate. Ramses walks out of the room victorious only to be immediately killed by the Juice Murderer.

Realizing that the Juice Murderer is present, Schmidt and Dennis decide to head outside to develop a plan of action. They open the front door to find none other than the famous TV news duo, Biff and Griff. However, these are not the human incarnations of Biff and Griff, rather they are the Dead of Night copying Biff and Griff. Biff and Griff go along with Dennis and Schmidt. They stand outside talking when Griff decides to go inside the house. He encounters the Mouse in the basement of the house and nearly dies. The Mouse was not invited. Meanwhile Biff, Dennis, and Schmidt go back inside.

Biff, Griff, Dennis, Schmidt, and the Mouse sit around the dining room table trying to decide how to deal with the Juice Murderer. The Mouse, worried he will be recognized as a criminal, is dripping with sweat. The Juice Murderer begins to attack the group at the table and kills Schmidt, but Biff and the Mouse narrowly escape so Biff may live stream Cooking with Biff. Cooking with Biff was planned to be the primary part of Finn the Chinn's Fundraiser as it was to be premiered live across the country. As the Dead of Night had some understanding of Biff's memories, it believed it had to perform this show otherwise its cover would be blown. During this time, Griff distracted the Juice Murderer by running around the house 6 times. He ran around the house 6 times. This episode of Cooking with Biff features the infamous "Peaches Experiment." Biff brings the Mouse on as a guest and has the Mouse create a dish which he then has to eat in one bite. Moments later, the Juice Murderer reenters the building and kills the alien versions of Biff and Griff. The two look to the camera and perform one last sign off before they die. Harvest and Gerally both escape narrowly and are not seen again. The Mouse and the Juice Murderer fight while Dennis escapes to the back of the house.

The Mouse and the Juice Murderer continue fighting but the Juice Murderer runs outdoors. He pursues Dennis outside the house and kills him near the same place he killed Finn the Chin. Fleeing the scene, the Juice Murderer is finally caught by the Mouse at gunpoint. The Mouse demands to know why the Juice Murderer killed all those people that night. The Juice Murderer pulls the Mouse closer to tell him the truth. The Juice Murderer lies to the Mouse, claiming that all the people he killed at that party were actually alien imposters. This is somewhat true, due to Biff and Griff being aliens, however the rest of the party were human. Believing that the Juice Murderer was not killing innocent people that night, the Mouse decides to let him go. The Juice Murderer runs off into the night as the Crack and Neil arrive and arrest the Mouse.


Juice Murderer 3 is the second worst received production on the channel after Doc X and Chup Chup. The negative reception of Juice Murderer 3 was more consequential, however, because of the larger scale of the production and the amount of build up the movie had. The poor reception of Juice Murderer 3 was in large part due to the fact that the movie did not have a script. While many of the RBM's most popular productions were unscripted, Juice Murderer 3 was deliberately chaotic and lacking in structure. This creative decision was made with the intent of emulating earlier productions on the channel like Juice Murderer 2 or the Biff and Griff series. This choice proved to be the movie's greatest flaw, earning it a generally agreed upon status as the worst December movie.

Despite its poor reception at release, Juice Murderer 3 has contributed some of the channel's best remembered moments. The compilation video, The Worst of RBM features multiple moments from Juice Murderer 3.

It's sometimes mistakenly assumed that Juice Murderer 3 killed the channel temporarily because there was little over the course of 2015, however the real reason can be attributed to the Juice Murderer Origin series. The effort to make a monthly production was simply draining on the creators at RBM, leading to a break from serious channel work for the earlier part of 2015.

In 2020, December movie Juice Murderer 4: The Last Gulp was released to critical acclaim. The movie does not shy away from the canonicity of Juice Murderer 3, and in fact has lessened the negative reception of it due to Juice Murderer 4: The Last Gulp being a much better conclusion to the Juice Murderer Saga.

Ties to Other Productions[]

This is a continuation of the Juice Murderer Origin Series, and as such contains many characters from said series such as the Mouse, the Crack, Neil Downs, and the Juice Murderer himself. Similarly, Juice Murderer 4: The Last Gulp is a sequel to Juice Murderer 3 and brings back these characters once more.

The aliens the Juice Murderer is referring to are the Dead of Night from the Dead of Night series, given the fact that the events of that series transpire on the same day as Juice Murderer 3.

Biff and Griff are seen approaching the house party in Dead of Night 3: The White Cabbage.